Valentines Day Cards in Croatian {čestitka za Valentinovo}

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Valentines Day Cards in Croatian {čestitka za Valentinovo}

Valentines Day Cards in Croatian are almost impossible to find if you live outside Croatia (well, in my experience anyway!) So behold, we are helping you add a little romance for your Valentine. Wishing you a very from all us here at Chasing the Donkey HQ.

Download your favourite card by clicking on the image and printing it on your computer! 

Oh, and here are our picks for the best places for romance in Croatia – if you have any suggestions let us know in the comments below.

Do you want to be my Valentine

Happy Valentine



Be my Valentine. I love you.


Happy Valentine. I love you


Happy Valentine. I love you



Be my Valentine. I love you

Want to make some romantic cupcakes for your loved one?


Here are some cute cupcake toppers

Love | I love you | Be my Valentine

You’ll find for some other languages including German, French, Arabic and Spanish and on .





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  1. I forgot to thank you on the 14th for this! I emailed a few of these to some dear Croatian friends, and some of them said I was the ONLY person who said Happy Valentine’s in Croatian….of course I gave Chasing the Donkey full credit. What a great idea!

    1. Even here? Wow, that is surprising. We dont swap cards (or much really) so I never looked. Glad it helped. Happy V Day.

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