Increase Blog Traffic: Easy-to-use Tools For Travel Bloggers

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Increase Blog Traffic: Easy-to-use Tools For Travel Bloggers

Ever wondered how Chasing the Donkey can be on social media, marketing blog posts and content all day, yet still have time to research new material, create new website content, spend time with family, travel, and everything else that comes along with the life of a stay at home Mom!? I cheat….

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Social Media Tools

My number one tip for social media success as a travel blogger: use tools that will automate your marketing for you.

If I had a dollar for every time, someone said: “you are always online, how do you do it?”.

Well, people, I am not really awake at 4 am like it appears. But you know who is awake 24/7 – social media automated tools. They never sleep. Ever.

Once you have started a travel blog (read here on how you can launch your own travel website) you need to write blog post, after blog post, take photo after photo, edit it all, and then you need to promote your content. Here is how you can drive hits to your blog using automated social media tools:

Tools You Need For a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Increase Blog Traffic | Travel Blogging Tips
Increase Blog Traffic While You Sleep

Efficiently Drive Traffic to Your Website Using CoSchedule

 automation social media tool. Any travel blogger – heck all bloggers should be using this tool to help increase page views.

Many to assist in the management of a website like ours, and CoSchedule is head and shoulders above the rest. Trust me; we’ve tried lots of them – and wasted hundreds of dollars in the process. CoSchedule is user-friendly with a professional finish and allows me to create unique messages to market blog posts on a variety of social media outlets – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr for just $15 a month.

Here is How CoSchedule Works in Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

The best feature of CoSchedule is the social media content calendar. Once new content is created and uploaded into CoSchedule, the calendar does the hard work for you – posting that update at 4 am while you are sleeping. It will drive traffic to your blog while you sleep guaranteed!

To automate your social media marketing plan for your website and blog posts, simply:

  • Click the post title on the calendar, opening a window with stats and info about the post, along with a section called “Social Queue”.
  • In the Social Queue section, select the date, time and social media network for sharing the content.
  • Add the text of choice to promote the content of the post.
  • Select the promotion styling (how the message will appear on the social media network): Text Post, Image Post or Link Post. Each have different advantages. We love the Link Post option for Facebook and the Image Post option for Twitter. Try them out to choose the style and format you prefer for your media sharing!
  • Click “Add Message” for the promotion to be added to the content calendar, and it will be posted on the selected social media account at the designated date/time.
CoSchedule Social Queue
CoSchedule Social Queue

To Increase Blog Traffic to Your Website: Keep it Creative & Keep Your Queue Full

The social media content calendar can be used to create as many or as few promotions as you would like, and at any point, you can view the messages already sent and the messages still in the queue. For us, the more times we share our content, the better! Even before a blog post is published, we start scheduling social media messages to be posted via CoSchedule after publication.

You should always be thinking about how to drive traffic to your blog because having a social media marketing plan is as important as writing good content. 

The text you add to your promotions can be as simple as using the same message multiple times, or you can create unique messages, promoting different aspects of your post to reach a larger audience. For instance, if you write about dining options in a city, the first Facebook message promoting the content might read “10 restaurants you won’t want to miss on your next holiday in Croatia”. Throughout the next month, you can continue to share the same content, but each of the following Facebook promotions would highlight the restaurants individually. One blog post with 11 unique messages marketed in minutes using CoSchedule!

Once you’ve spent an afternoon filling your CoSchedule calendar queue, it frees up the rest of your week for everything else in life. No need to spend all day attached to your phone, tablet or computer in order to effectively market your blog.

Try it for yourself with this

Increase blog traffic CoSchedule | Travel Blogging Tips

Make it Look Like You Pin All Day Long With Tailwind

Oh Pinterest, how I heart you. Pin and forget, and watch the age views roll in. Okay, so it takes around THREE MONTHS to really see the page views roll in, but once they do – they do not stop.

After you’ve created sexy looking pins that people can’t resist pinning, you need to get those pins seen. For this, . I increased blog traffic to my website using several social media tools – but none more so than with Pinterest using this must-have automation tool.

Increase Blog Traffic Pinterest Stats | Travel Blogging Tips

Tailwind has loads of features and analytics to help you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website – but, the best and free part of this program is that I am able to schedule all my repins across several group boards with just a few clicks. It is super easy and quick to use, and it means that when I add a new pin to Pinterest after publishing a post, I can quickly schedule everything. Tailwind calculates the best times of day for repins or there is a calendar where you can create your own time slots for when you want your pins to be pinned each day.

Even if you do not want to be pinning all day long, Tailwind will help you look less spammy as it spreads out your pins across any time period – rather than them all showing up in your follower’s news feed all at once.

Join . Happy Pinning!


Increase blog traffic Pinterest | Travel Blogging Tips

Fill Twitter With Pretty Pictures Without Going to Twitter

Twitter has not been one of my best performing social media platforms of late – despite having over 25,000 followers and curating great content it just was not delivering increased blog traffic or growing a travel blog audience in any way I could see. So I cut back on it – just for now, I’ll get back to it soon. Until I get back to it, I like to use  – which stands for ‘If This Then That’ to post my Instagram photos to Twitter. You know, so that it looks like I am still alive and kicking.

Once you create a free account with IFTTT, you easily create ‘recipes’ and triggers allowing you to post something on one platform, and it magically appears on a second social media platform. Ta-da, enjoy that extra sleep you’ll have once that is set-up.

The – take a peek for yourself.


A photo posted by SJ in Croatia (@chasingthedonkeycroatia) on

Travel Blog Success

Tweet All Day Long Using These Tools

 Use this plugin to tweet out old posts from your archives. It’s not very personal, but it can bring new life to old posts.

. Schedule tweets, follow hashtags and lists. Makes Twitter easier to follow.

TweetDeck Social Media Tools | Travel Bloggers Tips
Increase Blog Traffic Using These Tools

Post Across Multiple Platforms While You Sleep Using These Tools


I prefer to stick to the regular  function on my Facebook page. I schedule updates up to two months in advance. As soon as I see photos or blog posts from the interwebs I know my readers will enjoy I plug it in – you can move the dates around as many times as you like.

Tip: Use the Facebook analytics to see what dates and times your fans are online – and schedule your posts accordingly.

If you want to find other ways to market using Facebook, and to find good travel stories to post check out these travel blogging facebook groups.

  • So far this group has been the best and well rounded for me. If you are short on time, then start with this one.  Note: You must be a travel blogger to join, so make sure your travel blog is in your facebook profile.
  • . Tips and tricks from fellow travel bloggers who’ve all been where you are now.
  • . Geared more towards the business side of blogging, this group can seem very overwhelming at first, but I like to check it once a month.
  • Once you’ve got a blog post – you can pop in here and share your post with fellow bloggers – just be sure to read & comment on others as you go.
  • Wanna make videos? Becoming a vlogger is in our sights, and I have found this group very helpful in understanding YouTube and how to vlog.
  • . Need travel photography tips? These guys share tricks and resources to help you be the best photographer you can be.

Many of my blogging pals also use  . With these you manage multiple networks and profiles across many social media platforms. You can also get analytics with them too.

Increase Blog Traffic | Travel Blogging Tips
Increase Blog Traffic Travel With These Tips

How do You Know What Social Media Platforms to Stick With?

By golly you will run out of time, trying to do everything, all of the time. To avoid burnout, check your analytics often.

. Head to the social tab in Google Analytics (which is free) – here you can see what is / is not driving web traffic to your travel website. Make notes about what you’ve done and what is having the biggest impact on your statistics and growth and adjust accordingly.

. It will show you how far your tweet and blog writing went on Twitter.

. Likealyzer is a handy Facebook analytics tool that assesses your page out of 100 and it will recommend ways you can improve your page’s success.

The more you put into each platform, the more success you should see – but not always. I was killing it on Twitter – growing my following to over 20,000 followers and curating lots of content on Croatia – but it resulted in very few click throughs to my blog. So I wound that activity back and worked harder on Facebook.

Grow Your Email List – Allowing You to Connect With Your Readers on Your Own Time

Professional Travel Bloggers Association’s

I joined the   (PTBA) as I wanted to know what the industry standards were for travel bloggers – I recommend you join too. It’s a non-profit association managed by travel bloggers for travel bloggers – so they know what we need.

When you join you there are a list of free and discounted membership benefits, like the This social media tool is offered FREE when you become a member of the , and I love it. Valued at $198, this tool helps you grow your email list through viral giveaways. And, for tech noobs like me – the giveaways are super easy to set up and manage.

 is the cream of the email marketing tools. I know this, thanks to Digital Nomad Wannbe, she did a detailed post on the pros and cons of all of the major – and I have not looked back since I switched from Mailchimp. GetResponse is full of features, without blowing your budget (I pay 30 euro a month) – and of course it’s easy to use.

Try GetResponse free by clicking on the advert below.

Take Your Travel Blog to The Next Level

This is the one MASSIVE step I missed at the beginning. The TBS course is in my list of suggestions for how to start a blog in 5 steps. I was so confused before taking this course. I recommend all new bloggers take the course I took – it was designed with travel bloggers in mind.

When you join Travel Blog Success, you’ll get access to step-by-step lessons, a stack of webinars and interviews with leading travel professionals. The lessons have all been broken down into easy-to-understand language, and you get to move through the materials at your own pace. No tests, no rules, no rush.

Build a Better Travel Blog

As well as the 27 lessons, there is a forum to ask questions and also to network with other travel bloggers. But, I think the best part of being a member is the members-only Facebook group where top travel bloggers behind massive travel blogs such as  will answer your questions on how best to build and make money from your website.

Want even more blogging help??? You can also check out . Plus if you are like me and did not have money starting out to pay for apps and tools, you can also check out how you can find or that’ll help fund using all of these tools I recommend for your blog.

Let us know what else you suggest to increase blog traffic, we always love trying new things.


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  1. Thanks for the help! I’m planning on starting a travel blog for my next trip and this post showed me a lot of tools I had no idea about before.

  2. Excellent post, SJ! I’ll bookmark it for future reference. I’ve learned so much from it. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Glad it helped – I know it took me a while to figure it all out – so I wanted to save others the time 😀

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