Travel Planning Has Just Become Easier Thanks to Routeperfect

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Travel Planning Has Just Become Easier Thanks to Routeperfect

Planning your European adventure, or any trip for that matter is a time consuming and difficult process. You want to make sure that your trip covers all the areas you want it to, e.g., it gives you the accommodation you want, it costs the amount you can afford, you get to see the places you like, and you also want to know that there is the right type of nightlife on offer for you too. When you try and do all of this yourself, it can become stressful, to say the least. Also, you may decide to go down the route of a package trip, simply because it’s easier, but does this allow you to tick all the boxes you want ticking?

Not really.

If you want to tailor-make your trip to your particular needs, there is some good news coming your way. Routeperfect is a new website service which allows you to be your own travel agent, quite literally! You put together your trip, but you get to do it easily, you tick all those boxes mentioned above, and you can create an affordable Euro trip.

How to Narrow Down Your Planning

The great thing about this site is that there are sections which allow you to put together your trip, step by step. For instance, you can identify your interests, budget, and your travel needs. The main areas are:

Travel type – single, romantic, friends, or family
Interests – small towns, culture, food, nature, historic places, beaches, nightlife, active
Budget – economy, moderate, luxury

Within those three areas, you can actually create your trip with ease.

Within that, you can also specify the country you want to visit, so if you want to head to the Balkan area, you can easily do so, and ensure that you get to visit the main areas of interest. For instance, you can head to Slovenia, Croatia, or Bosnia & Herzegovina, either individually or as a one-stop travel trip. Within that, you can make sure you visit historic areas, beaches, and a bit of nature too, while stopping off at the main nightlife areas, if you want to.

If you were visiting Slovenia, you could put together a chain of destinations, such as Lake Bled, Drava, and the beautiful Gorizia area. If you were heading to Croatia, you could check out Dubrovnik, Istria, and Zadar, and link it all together with ease, using the right type of transport that suits your needs.

Can you see how easy this is?

This is the beauty of planning it all out yourself – you get to please yourself and no-one else, you can be selfish for a change!

Routeperfect Planning Tool

Check out the website for yourself and see how simple the process is. There is a separate page for each country, and within that, the regions are listed, and then the main areas of interest. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or where to go, then you can find inspiration to help you with your planning. There are even itinerary suggestions, e.g., a suggested itinerary for a romantic holiday, a trip for a group of friends, and a suggested trip for families. This means you can pick out pieces of the trip and put them together to create your tailor-made option, or you can just go with the one they chose.

There are of course a few other benefits of using the site, not just the freedom it gives you (if that’s not enough). Users of the site receive discounts of up to 20%, through hidden rates that are accessed by creating bundle deals. The accommodation suggestions also directly link to Trip Advisor, so you can check out reviews before you make a final decision. The customer service on offer throughout the entire process is also second to none, should you have any questions, or need a bit of help in the right direction.


Croatia Travel Blog_Routeperfect Trip and Travel Planning Tool


Is it a Do or a Don’t?

Routeperfect is a big, fat yes. You can see here =>> how the awesome  is. Planning a trip, any trip at all isn’t the easiest task, and if you’re heading to a country you’ve never been to before, the whole process gets even harder. You’re basically going on guesswork, and one wrong choice could break your trip entirely. Working it all out through Routeperfect gives you the option to avoid those possible pitfalls, and instead to make sure that you get what YOU want from the trip, and therefore explore the world YOUR way, without having to bow to pressure from a package deal, or waste money on bad decisions.

Before you head to the site, figure out the region you want to go to, e.g., Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, wherever else in the world grabs your fancy, and keep your mind open. Identify your budget, because this is something you can’t afford to be going over, and identify your travel type too, e.g., are you going as a couple, a single, etc. Once you know that information, you can explore the site and decide on what to do, linking it all together with ease.

The process is actually quite good fun, so make yourself comfortable, grab a coffee, and begin exploring from your armchair!

Oh, and did we mention it’s all totally free?


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