12 Cooking Tips (With Infographics) That’ll Change Your Life!

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Cooking Tips (With Infographics) That’ll Change Your Life!

We have found you ten infographics to help make your kitchen better.

Cooking Tip: Quantity Conversions Charts

Never ruin a recipe again because you used an Australian cup and not an American cup size.

The Kitchen Volume Conversion Aid

Kitchen Volume Conversion Aid


This Cooking Conversion Chart converts volume and weight measurements between Australian and measurements from the Unites States of America.

Cooking Conversion Chart

Weights v’s Volume Cooking Tips

The best guide to conversions and other cooking tips

Kitchen Cheat Sheet


When a recipe call for a weight instead of a volume I used to freak out – not now…

Kitchen 101 Mass & Volume Equivalents


How to Make Vinaigrette

How to make Vinaigrette | Cooking Tips | Chasing the Donkey Cooking Blog

Cooking Tip: Spices

Spice Hacks | Cooking Blog | Chasing the Donkey

Cooking Tip: What’s with a knife?

This list of knives tells you what to use each knife for – I love the beautiful pictures to make it super easy to read.



Make Healthy Meals

Get fit for 2016, get your kids on the right track with healthy eating habits thanks to this infographic.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals


How Health is it?

Damn, how cute is this vegetable calorie chart?

Vegetable Calories Chart


How Long Will it Last?

You’ve paid for it – thrown it in the refrigerator or pantry – now how long can you keep it?

The Shelf Life of Food


Cooking Tools

Now that you have your conversions sorted, it’s time to look at kitchen tools. We found some that will help you make meals with ease. Chop, slice and dice with these…

Culinary Tools

Grow Herbs Inside

Courtesy of:

The Five Second Rule

You know you’ve done it. You cooked up an excellent meal, and dropped part of it – so you quickly scooped it up and threw it back on the plate or in your mouth. It’s sooooo not a good idea, here is why.

The 5 Second Rule





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